“…A witch who binds her elegant spells with yarn and gut and glue. Her voice, rich with the texture of her own life experience, seems to pour directly from some ancient source. She brings her craft to bear in this contemporary world of flashy surfaces, while her work breathes with a controlled temper and calming ease, driving ever-deeper into each world she conjures.” -Tim Andreae, host of Greasy Greens, KRBX

Mostecelo was the original name of JRR Kinsey’s solo music project. The name was changed to Palankeen in 2012.  All music is original except for “Guruguero” and “Romance del Amargo”, both covers of traditional flamenco songs. All instrumentation is by Kinsey, with the exception of trombone by Isa Roch, and tenor saxophone by Alejandro Dorda Mevs (Axel Void).

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