“…A witch who binds her elegant spells with yarn and gut and glue. Her voice, rich with the texture of her own life experience, seems to pour directly from some ancient source. She brings her craft to bear in this contemporary world of flashy surfaces, while her work breathes with a controlled temper and calming ease, driving ever-deeper into each world she conjures.”   -Tim Andreae, host of Greasy Greens, KRBX

J.R. Rivero Kinsey (formerly Suarez) is a story teller, a musician, a lyricist, whose only goal is to draw you in – into yourself and into the heartbreak and strange beauty of being alive.

The Venezuelan daughter of a Virginian luthier, music and story are encoded in Kinsey’s DNA. An earth trekker, and mother of three, she draws on diverse influences; her years spent studying Flamenco in Spain, roots in Venezuelan and Appalachian song, along with an interest in history and literature, creating music that has been described as modern, yet haunting.

Since landing back in the American West, Kinsey has recorded two solo albums and the soundtrack for the documentary “Bluebird Man” which aired nationally and was nominated for a NW Emmy. She currently lives in Boise, Idaho where she writes music and stories, studies Gaelic, and sings Flamenco for Mahavia.

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